Decline slowly: Saudi corona cases

Reported cases of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia further fell on Sunday with 756 infections registered over the past 24 hours. The Kingdom reported 895 new recoveries, the health ministry said.

It increases the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the world to 320,688, according to the Ministry of Health. 791 new cases were registered on Saturday.

The Kingdom has identified about 1,000 new cases of deadly coronavirus every day over the past 10 days, as confirmed by the Saudi News Agency (SPA) over Health Minister Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdel Ali. The cumulative number of recoveries before Sunday was 296,737.

The 32 deaths during the past 24 hours were also reported, the health ministry said. It takes all the deaths up to 4,081. The entire 1,457 patient population is in critical care.

On Sunday, Makkah overtook the list with 74 new infections. In Jeddah, 60 cases were reported, 55 in Hufof, 50 in Dammam, 45 in Madinah, 40 in Yanbu, 39 in Riyadh, 27 in Mobarraz, 23 in Jazan, and 22 in Tabuk.

The remaining cases have been dispersed throughout the dominion in many cities and governorates, Dr. Al-Abdel Ali said.

On June 19, with 4,301 cases reported over a 24-hour period, Saudi Arabia registered its highest daily rise.

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