International airlines via Saudi airports remain on hold!

The move to open international airlines via Saudi airports remains on hold, especially with the continued increase in cases of coronavirus infection in some global destinations, including France, Britain, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea.

As the daily results of Saudi Arabia show considerable success, it is clear that the risk of easing the precautionary measures could lead to unnecessary setbacks while Saudi Arabia is working hard to prevent the spread of infections.

Therefore, it can take a longer time to resume international travel activities with the exception of tourist travel!

Even though, the economy has its viewpoint that can not be ignored longer on this subject. International travel could return the way commercial activities have resumed while maintaining strict mandatory precautionary measures.

Many worries and fears can be resolved by the required precautions and the experiences of the countries that have opened and reopened their flights.

Moreover, there are concerns for travelers and business organizations, and it is essential to take into account the re-opening of international air traffic!

Genuinely, in such circumstances, I consider the decision to travel to be a solely personal decision, given that the person bears responsibility for its outcomes. The citizen should not travel abroad unless he/she is fully conscious that he or she has full responsibility for his or her decision.

He should not, therefore, burden the Saudi embassies overseas with claims for his return, nor should he deplete government funds when the pandemic situation in the country in which he resides is worse!

In short, all in the world seems to pin everything hopes on the finding of a “COVID-19” vaccine, and all that mankind is doing today is simply buying time!

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