Licensed Firms in the mediate in Recruitment of Saudis – Ministry of HR

The Ministry of Human Resources (MOL) is exploring the possibility of granting the powers of certain institutions to mediate in the recruitment and support of Saudi job seekers by prioritizing the provision of this service to major recruitment firms.

Under the suggested mechanism, the approved establishments would mediate with other companies on the transfer of Saudi services. In compliance with the provisions of the Mechanism, the Saudi job seekers must be registered with the licensed establishment and have entered into an employment agreement with that establishment.

If other employers request Saudi employee services, they must apply the application for this through the Ministry-approved Ajeer portal to manage contractual agreements between employers and employees.

Registered establishments would be expected to mediate a range of problems in Saudi jobs by collecting reliable details from employees who wish to hire Saudis.

This includes positions, including job title, work position, pay scale as well as benefits, allowances, training, qualifications, other criteria, and a specified duration of jobs.

The establishments must also accept applications from Saudi citizens who wish to appear in the prescribed form prepared for it.

Copies of the documents requested by the applicants should be provided and registered in a separate registry before issuing the applicant an identification card.

The name of the job candidate, the register application number, and the time stated for review meetings must be included in this card.

Institutions must take the opportunity to have interviews with job-seekers to recruit them in a role that fits their talents, credentials, and expertise, as well as to give advice and support to those in need of training and to encourage the adoption of suitable jobs.

During the probation in the new firm during which the Saudi employee is considered staff, the approved establishment shall be responsible for Saudi employees, and the employee shall be responsible for all employees ‘ rights.

With regard to the process for granting a permit, establishments must have copies for their headquarters of valid commercial registration, an establishment agreement, a deed of ownership or approved lease agreement, and two bank guarantees — one with a minimum of SR300,000, and one with a minimum SR100000. Bank guarantees are irrevocable and come from a local bank.

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