Resumption of Umrah Service with Limited Local Pilgrims

In the near future, the resumption of the Umrah service would begin with only a small number of domestic pilgrims being permitted to perform the ritual in the initial process, Okaz / Saudi Gazette learned from informed sources.

On Sunday, the Interior Ministry announced the partial lifting of travel restrictions from Sept. 15 and hence the complete lifting of the restrictions effective from Jan. 1, 2021. The ministry reported that in light of the developments associated with the pandemic, an idea to lift the suspension of Umrah service would be gradually announced.

As per the sources, domestic pilgrims will be allowed to make the pilgrimage provided they meet certain conditions. Pilgrims will be obliged to hold a medical certificate with them, pointing out that they have been tested for coronavirus negative.

The door opening for Umrah will be performed in accordance with the precautionary measures and preventive protocols for coronavirus. In this regard, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will soon announce the terms and conditions, recognized the source.

The source reported that there will be a mobile application specifying the date and time each pilgrim will conduct the pilgrimage and will be given a permit to conduct Umrah by the authorities concerned to those who fulfill the requirements.

Hajj and Umrah Deputy Minister for Hajj Affairs Dr. Hussein Al-Sharif have stated to Okaz / Saudi Gazette earlier that the ministry will work to direct the experience of the last Hajj’s exceptional performance. He said the ministry would cash in on this fruitful experience in implementing high-quality health and regulatory measures for the upcoming season in Umrah.

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