Saudi Arabia new Guidelines to travel: What you need to know

The Saudi General Aviation Authority (GACA) has issued its revised guide to the ongoing pandemic for a variety of special cases after authorizing international travel.

The new measures include the provision of medical reports on the testing of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the negative test results from non-Saudis entering the Kingdom, which must not exceed 48 hours after their flight day. You need to report if you have any symptoms irrespective of your performance.

Saudis as well as expatriates are required to quarantine themselves for the duration defined by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Africa upon arrival to the Kingdom.

The latest rules do not ignore older ones that require passengers to buy tickets, undergo a temperature check at arrival, and agree to deny entry to the airport to anyone above 38 degrees Celsius.

Passengers should also stick to regular preventive measures such as always using hand sanitizers, wearing face masks, and the awareness that they can not board or remain on a flight without them, and gloves, during the course of their flight. When the passengers arrive, the masks and gloves in their airport waste bins are supposed to be dispensed.

Travelers are required to use electronic methods for payment on board the airplane, to maintain the social gap during queues, and to take only one baggage into the cabin. Travelers are required to return them to their designated area for thorough disinfection if they are using baggage trolleys. As for the airport and aircraft crew, medical checks and continuous use of sanitary equipment and wearing masks, gloves, and protective gear are also required.

Airports must provide sanitation and disinfect passenger bridges, shuttle buses, and medical lifts repeatedly at all times.

Glass barriers were constructed by GACA for remote travelers from airport service providers when the issue of boarding passes and luggage claim.

Every airport has also developed an isolation facility to contain people suspected of the virus.

The social distance between travelers and suppliers in restaurants, cafes, and duty-free markets should also be maintained in the airport, at 1.5 meters. Often, people in the line must be 1.5 meters apart as they queue at the airport.

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