Saudia lists travel criteria for 25 countries. Read Now.

As soon as the Kingdom removes the travel restrictions, Saudi Arabian Airlines announced seven conditions for passenger transportation back to the Kingdom on their trip. It also referred to travel requirements for 25 countries. The airline called on passengers to follow health instructions on the basis of the directives issued by the Saudi health authorities.

The national carrier has asked people to click on the Saudi Airlines Website to read more about travel requirements for the following 25 countries : the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait , Oman, Bahrain , Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco , Tunisia, China, United Kingdom , Italy, Germany , France, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Bangladesh, Philippines , Malaysia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Indonesia and Nigiria.

The requirements for travelers to the KSA included filling up and signing a document that was committed to the health need    Upon arrival, this form should be provided to the airport health control department.   

All passengers are subject to home quarantine for seven days (three days at the end of the quarantine period for health practitioners with a negative sample).

It advised all travelers to download two applications on their smartphone- Tatman, and Tawakkalna and to make their registrations.

The requirements also included adding home address on the Tatman App within eight hours of the passenger’s arrival; observing coronavirus symptoms; calling 937 quickly if any of the symptoms are detected, or heading to the health center or emergencies wing when it is deemed necessary, and having access to Tatman for regular health assessment.

The airline urged its passengers to take precautionary measures at home during self-quarantine, as specified in the form of the pledge undertaking for health conditions.

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