The Dress Code Of All Private Companies Must Be Followed

The dress code law for male and female workers has been notified by all private companies in Saudi Arabia.

Minister of Human Resources and Social Growth in a guideline for private-sector employers. Engineer Ahmed Al-Rajhi asked them to ensure that workers at their workplaces comply with the dress code.

In his Order, the minister referred to a provision pertaining to workplace ethics legislation included in the first clause of Article 38 of the Labor Law.

The amendment requires a dress code for all private businesses and institutions, with written guidelines, to ensure that their employees follow it, maintaining a dignified professional look and are commensurate with their duties in the workplace. The regulation also allows for punishments in respect of the breach of the dress code.

In a visible location in their premises or any other way that allows the employees to know about them, these criteria must be shown separately. For organizations that violate the Directive, there will be provisions given by the Labor Act and its Executive Regulations as well as by the Ministry’s decisions from time to time.

It is worth noting that this ministry aims to strengthen the Saudi labor market by implementing these decisions, improving its atmosphere, standardizing technical regulations and requirements, and spreading knowledge about employers’ and workers’ rights and duties.

In compliance with the labor market conditions, the Minister shall also review and amend the scheduling of breaches and penalties.

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